Base Miles

(Article written for City Fitness - June's national newsletter).

We all want to do our best. So it's important to be aware of when you should step on the gas...and when you need to back off. Going slower is not sign of weakness or an indicator you are a newbie - it's a tool.

Learn how to use this tool, and in your targeted events you will fly past those who have treated every training ride as a race. Your race results will leave them confused, and they will not be aware that you had a clear strategy for your training.

My longest weeks will see me take a week off work, and I'll aim for around 1,000kms. One week earlier this year I did 1,182kms, which included 11,500 meters of climbing. (For comparison - Mount Taranaki is 2,518 meters high). So not flat rides. Try doing this 'at pace', and you won't be able to train everyday.

Later you'll be going faster for your training rides…and you'll have the endurance to allow quality training 'at pace'.

A few tips...
- Ride at a pace where you could comfortably hold a conversation.
- Accept that you will be passed by other cyclists.

- If you feel jaded or off colour, then head home.
- Have a clear purpose for the ride.

Most importantly - enjoy the ride and arrive home reminded of why you are a cyclist.

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