(Article written for City Fitness - July's national newsletter).

Regardless of your goals, and the level of training you are involved in, there is one constant - You will need to recover. Do this to the very best of your ability and you will have the quickest possible turnaround between workouts. This in turn will see you fitter and stronger.

'Recovery' involves a holistic approach to your training - Just doing 'this or that' will not do. If you want to train with greater duration and / or intensity, then you also need to recover to the very best of your ability.

A more well balanced approach to recovery includes nutrition, occasional lighter workouts, and ensuring you completely walk away from training after events. With recovery encompassing both short term (micro) and longer term (macro) aspects of your training you will reap the benefits both this season and the next.

Micro aspects of your recovery...
- Nutrient rich shake immediately after a workout. (Protein rich food is best).
- Good quality meals. (Avoid processed foods).
- Getting adequate sleep. (Less than 8 hours is a red flag if you are training).

Macro aspects of your recovery...
- Ensuring 'rest days' are used each week. (No training, with maybe just stretching).
- Incorporating a 'rest week' into the training every 4 to 6 weeks. (Light training only).
- Taking time off after events. ('Yes' - It will be a short term step backwards).

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