Readers Digest 100 Word Story

Late in 2012 the Reader’s Digest ran a worldwide competition.  This included New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain, Asia, and South Africa, with first prize in each country $1,000, with two runner-up prizes of $250.  The competition was a simple one – readers were invited to write a 100 word story, with the only criteria being…
- The entry being received by Reader’s Digest by the end of November 2012.
- All submissions were original.  (ie. not previously published).
- Entries have to be exactly 100 words long.

The April edition of the Reader’s Digest had the New Zealand, Australian, Asia, and South African winners stories published.  (Additionally, the two respective runners-up for each country were included).  Out of the 12 published stories, I rated Ahmad Mahmood's story (on page 43) 'excellent', with Kathleen Yu's story (on page 45) the only other one worthy of being published.  My submission (made on 29 November 2012), is below in its original form.  It is exactly 100 words.  For the record, I think my effort is better than the one's in the magazine, and I welcome feedback...

Waving frantically, the castaway on the otherwise deserted beach looked in hope towards the approaching yacht.  Emaciated, filthy, and with shoulder length hair he awaited the long forgotten experience of human contact.

Friendly voices followed the captain's wave.  His wife and two small children jumped into the water to swim to the castaway.  "What a perfect family", he thought.

The wife stood up at the shoreline and looked astonished.  "I thought you dead”,  she said.  "And I you".

It was a quiet and uncomfortable trip back to the mainland.  The castaway, the captain, and the woman married to them both.

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