Planning for Success

(Article written for City Fitness - October's national newsletter).

Goal setting is just around the corner for many of us, with the New Year’s resolutions an opportunity to challenge ourselves with future objectives and plans.

Rather than just deciding to do something new, it can assist to have a strategy that will keep your eye on the goal while also allowing for detailed analysis of the task at hand.  The below are a few approaches that have worked for me…

Decide your goal
- Be happy with the goal – If you complete it, then it’s a ‘success’.  (People often later feel they could have done more).
- Realistic – What have you done that gives evidence this is realistic??  (Done anything similar??).
- Obtainable – Do you have the resources at hand??  (Resources can include time, financial backing, and motivation).

Brain Dump
- Mind map the reasons for this being a goal that can be a success, (eg resources you have at hand, previous goals you achieved, and the time commitments you can make). 
- Add the main features (‘stuff you need to do’) of this goal.  (This will splinter off into smaller sub goals and components as needed).
- Assign friends, family, and acquaintances to tasks.  (This is a ‘perfect scenario’ situation, so just mapping out the tasks at this stage).

- Each component of the goal has a checklist.
- You work your way through the list, and adjust as training proceeds.  (So a ‘Living document’).
- Every time you prep gear for an event you modify relevant lists.

Build a support network
- Tasks are divided between people smarter (or with more energy) than yourself.
- Talk to people who know more than you.  (This includes approaching people you’ve never met).

- You train.
- This is the goal, and the above should compliment your training.

After an event it is best to have a think about what went well, and which areas need attention.  This can be left for a period of time, however if you are to assess your training objectively then it needs to happen.  (Not always pleasant!!).  After my 24 hour ride I asked for feedback from the support crew – everyone had little snippets of information, with one person giving a full page of detailed analysis.  There was some tough reading, however with the benefit of hindsight I learnt a lot about what could have been done better.  This was only possible by having a very clear set of goals, and later being about to compare the ‘perfect plan’.

Happy riding.



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