Skins Calf Compression Leggings

General Product Description:
The Skins A400 calf compression leggings are designed to cover from the top of the calf muscle to just above the ankle.  The product provides a firm tightness around the calf, with the theory being that because the calf muscle is gaining additional support there is greater efficiency for training and faster recovery.

My Use:
I was’nt too sure about the calf compression leggings before I used them.  My biggest concern that they might slip down, and this would obviously hamper an otherwise productive training session.  The first time I used the product it was for a session involving jogging (to a park), faster hill repeats, and then flat sprints with each sprint requiring a 25 meter ‘bear crawl’ (forwards and then backwards) at the start.  I forgot I was even wearing the leggings, and in cold conditions had a fantastic workout.  The same has been true for subsequent sessions, and I now see why the leggings are used for longer running events.

Easy (and fast) to put on.  No ‘tight’ feeling, what you’d expect with a product that is designed to remain firmly in place.  You forget you’re wearing the product.

Areas to Note:
I can think of no limitors of this products, with the one exception being that if you train with the product you will need to use this for the event also.  (I found the A400’s to be superior to the A200’s).

Worth Using??
‘Yes’ – I love them!!  For winter running they provide additional support and warmth, and in the summer they do not overheat.

(All product reviews are independent reviews of products.  I do not own or gain direct financial benefit from the sale of these products.  In some instances the products are sold by my sponsors or have been given to me to use – If I have concerns, critiques, or general issues with any aspect of the product, then it is highlighted in detail.  I will not compromise an evaluation).

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