Getting back into Training

The body requires a break from training from time to time.  The reasons for the break may vary, and the duration of the break will also vary.  Knowing what pitfalls to avoid will assist when getting back into training.  There are two main types of ‘Breaks’ and both are covered below, along with what to be aware of...

Short to Medium Term Break – 2 to 4 weeks:
This will include a break that follows illness such as the flu, minor injury, and a vacation.  Your routine will be slightly out of kilter, and jumping straight back into training may be counterproductive. 

Your areas of focus are...
- Avoid injury.  (Make the sessions easier for the first couple of weeks).
- Slowly let the routine return.  (Skip a session if the training has you feeling ‘rushed’).
- Make the training fun once again.  (You want to avoid the feeling of this being a chore).

Medium to Longer Term Break – 4 weeks or more:
This will include a break that follows major illness, moderate or serious injury, and anything that has completely stopped your training for a month.  Your routine will be gone, and your ability to recover from training will be severely compromised. 

Your areas of focus are...
- Accept that you are at ‘Square One’.  (You will make quick progress once your ability to recovery returns).
- Walk away from any session that seems like a chore.  (This is not being ‘soft’.  If you push too hard before the mind is ready, then later sessions won’t have you fully committed).
- Be aware that you may go backwards from time to time.  (You need to be patient and give you body time to adjust).

No matter how eager you are to return to full training, you will need to be mindful of exactly where your body is at.  This will require you to respect yourself enough to stop and listen to the messages you are getting back.

As much as you want to get fitter and stronger, this is all about your ability to fully recover.  Until this returns you are playing a waiting game.  ‘Yes’ – this will mean you are not where you were previously.  Accept this fact, be patient, and enjoy the lighter sessions.  Later you will be ready for more.

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