'Maungatuks Crazy' Fun Ride

On Sunday 21 September Maungakotukutuku Road, just off Valley Road, (and several kms from Paraparaumu), will be a hive of activity.  Between 8am and 2pm cyclists will be climbing the 2km ascent to surpass a (collective) total of 1,000 climbs for the day.

There will be plenty of prizes up for grabs, with the male and female with the most climbs winning a Hammer Nutrition bundle of goodies.  Additionally, all riders with 15 or more climbs are in the draw for a pair of Bolle sunglasses from Grylles optometrists.  And everyone who completes ten or more climbs will be in the draw for a host of other spot prizes.

Contact Stu Downs directly for more information...
Cell - 0210-261-9648
Or email

This page outlines details for the event.  To enter the event you need to sign both the Waiver and also the Ride Briefing, and have these enclosed with your entry fee.

The Waiver and Ride Briefing files can be downloaded below...
Ride Info Page 1
Ride Info Page 2
Waiver and Briefing Page 1
Waiver and Briefing Page 2

Additional information can also be obtained from the No Shadows page on Facebook.

Entering the Ride
Entries need to be made by Wednesday 17 September.  All entrants pay $20 to enter the Fun Ride.

Late Entries
Entries between Thursday 18 September and Saturday 20 September are considered late.  Late entries cost $25.

Entering on the Day
Entries on Sunday 21 September are strictly limited.  Entering on the day costs $30.

Payment – No cheques please.
 All payments to Stu Downs – 8 Manawa Avenue, Raumati, Kapiti Coast.
(Confirmation of entry will be made within 24 hours of receipt.  Hearing nothing indicates it hasn't arrived as yet arrive).

*** 100% of the proceeds goes to charity ***

*** 50% to Wellington Free Ambulance and 50% to Heart Kids ***

Riding in the ‘Maungatuks Crazy’ Fun Ride
Riders entered in the ride will leave at 15 second intervals from 8am.
The starting order will be determined by the order of entries.
If you miss your starting slot, then you are placed to the back of the list.
All entries require the Waiver and Ride Briefing to be signed.
As riders reach the summit they have their ride number recorded by the time keeper.
Upon reaching the bottom of the hill riders are to stop and look for traffic.
If safe, they proceed to the back of the starting area to have their number recorded by a timekeeper.
When your number is recorded you start the next ascent.

Schedule on the Day
7am – Collection of ride numbers, and riders entering on the day.
7:45am – Ride briefing.
8am – Ride starts.  (1 rider at a time).
2pm – Ride ends.
6pm – Dinner at The Boundary.  (Family and friends welcomed).

Hammer Nutrition ‘Most Climbs’ Male and ‘Most Climbs’ Female.
Both riders receive a Hammer Nutrition bundle.
The two winners do not have to be present at the dinner to receive their prize.
In the instance of a draw – the winner rider is the rider who reached their final summit first out of those riders equal on climbs.

Grylles Optometrists ‘Bolle 15 Climbs’
All riders who completed 15 climbs are entered for the Bolle sunglasses spot prize.
The rider must be present at the prize giving to receive the prize.

Spot prizes
All riders who complete 10 or more climbs are in the draw for all other spot prizes.  These include…
Karolina Stus Photography – One colour print, and full set of digital prints relating to that cyclist.  (Three prizes).
Bike Barn – An assortment of clothing and bike items to assist with your cycling.
Future Now – A free session of NLP with Karren Kerrisk.  These are valued at $180 each.  (Three prizes).
Suzanne Stokes – A signed copy of Suzanne’s published book ‘35 Day Detox’.  (Three prizes).
‘The Bike Whisperer’ – Adam John will carry out a full bike fit free of charge.  (One prize).

*** Riders must be present at the prize giving to receive spot prizes ***

The location of the Maungatuks climb.  You follow Valley Road until you reach the base of the climb .  (Please ensure you park on the Paraparaumu side of the base of the hill, so you don't drive around cyclists preparing for the ride.

The Maungatuks climb.  2kms of climbing, with a spectacular view from the summit.

The 'Start' - All riders need to ensure that the road is clear before they turn right to have their ride number checked.

The 'Summit' - Ensure the road is clear, and then provide the time keeper your ride number.

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