‘Extra’ Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner Gel

General Product Description:
‘Extra’ Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner Gel is designed to stop misting and condensation build-up on glasses.  Rather than being a liquid based cleaner, (as most cleaners are), the product is a paste.  The paste is lightly spread over both sides of each lens, and is then removed via a cloth.

My Use:
I used the product for the first time two days out from the 2013 Graperide Ultimate.  (This is a 505km overnight cycle race).  If the weather is cold the overnight temperatures drop to around three to four degrees on some areas of the course, and my reason for using the product was to have clean lenses, and also as little fogging on the lenses when the temperatures dropped.  The glasses were used from around 7:30pm to the finish at around 11am the following day.

In the Kapiti area this product is sold at Grylls Keleher and Matthews optometrists.  (Ihakara Street, Paraparaumu).

The product spread easily and had no lumps or differences in consistency.  This made the removal of the product remarkably simple.  A cloth is recommended, and I had no issues using a tissue for each lens.  There was no fogging or condensation on the ride, and this meant that (unlike previous rides of this type) I never had to remove the glasses as they fogged up.

Areas to Note:
The gel is a paste, and the consistency is similar to toothpaste.  This can be a little off putting at first, and if too much of the product is used it may be time consuming to remove the gel.  A small amount of gel is used to cover each lens.

Worth Using??
I would recommend the product.  The glasses were as clean as they have ever been in terms of being a lens cleaner.  In terms of preventing condensation and fogging I had zero issues.  This made visibility 100% ok for the descents, which can be compromised if the glasses fog on an ascent.  As with some previous overnight rides I lost some of my eyesight due to fatigue - with the lenses of the glasses 100% clean and clear my vision was not compromised and I got to the finish with no additional limiters.  I will be using this product for preventing fogging on the lenses in the future.

(All product reviews are independent reviews of products.  I do not own or gain direct financial benefit from the sale of these products.  In some instances the products are sold by my sponsors or have been given to me to use – If I have concerns, critiques, or general issues with any aspect of the product, then it is highlighted in detail.  I will not compromise an evaluation).

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