Hammer Perp

General Product Description:
Hammer Perpetuem, (normally referred to as ‘Perp’), is added in the form of powder to water to create a liquid food for training and events.  Hammer promote the product as an endurance fuel, and Perp is marketed as a convenient way to consume calories if exercising for hours at a time.

The product is not ‘drunk’ while training, rather is sipped periodically.  The ‘little and often’ approach will see a constant flow of calories into the body.  Perp can be complimented by alternating the drink with solid food, and you just need to be conscious of the number of calories you are consuming if you are also eating solid food. 

My Use:
I have used Perp for runs up to five hours long, and rides ranging between four hours and 31.5 hours.  I prefer to use Perp with enough fuel for three to five hours per bottle, with additional bottles awaiting usage as the training’s duration requires.  For me Perp is ideal for longer / slower training, and thus it is not used every time I train.  (If I’m not using Perp, then I’ll be using Hammer Heed). 

Perp weighs next to nothing and is incredibly easy to add to water for making up drinks.  Perp will fuel you hour after hour, and contains a protein base, so you avoid the cravings ‘for a meal’ that can happen with some products.  If taste is a priority, then note that Perp comes in a number of flavours, and if desired a Hammer gel sachet can be easily added to each bottle to give a differing taste for that bottle.  (If I’m doing multi-lap event, then I’ll have a differing flavoured bottle per lap – this gives a distinctive taste, and often I’ll be hanging out for a new taste near the end of each lap).

Areas to Note:
Perp will go off after a period of time on the bike, so do not make up a ten hour bottle and expect it to last.  (If you are riding through a colder night you may be ok though).  A better option for extended rides is multiple bottles, with the latter bottles only containing the powder until needed.  (Hammer also give the option of making up the Perp in advance, and freezing the spare drinks – I have not tried this as yet, as I see it more advantageous to have the powder available instead.  However, this is an option). 

In my experience Perp is not conducive to exercise that requires higher intensity.  Perp is marketed as a fuel for longer sessions of training / events, and I agree with this sentiment, however I would reframe this to “Perp is suitable for lower intensity sessions, of any length in duration”.  I find that Perp leaves me feeling sick when I ‘race’, and in these instances I would recommend Hammer Heed.

Most importantly, do not consume too many calories of Perp – it will make you feel sick and may ruin your training session / event – note how much you are having and manage your nutritional intake to around 200 to 225 calories per hour for an 80kg to 85 kg adult.  (I used to have 300 calories per hour and got away with it until I raced, and then I’d feel sick after 60 minutes).

Worth Using??
Perp is a fantastic product if you are looking at doing a long training session at a lower intensity pace.  This can include longer rides and runs, and the important point is the intensity level you are experiencing for that session.  If (for example), I am cycling home via the Aka’s circuit, (75kms with hills at times), and my focus is simply getting through the mileage, then Perp is the perfect fuel.  I always carry solid foods also, and work out the number of calories in the bottle, so I know how much liquid should be left if I decide to eat solid food.

The biggest mistake people make with Perp is assuming that they can simply ‘make up a bottle’, ride off on a ride, and then consume the entire bottle regardless of how much they eat for solid foods.  You may get away with this at times, however you need to be aware of how much you are eating, and where you limits are.  Think of Perp as a ‘fuel’ and you will be fine.

(All product reviews are independent reviews of products.  I do not own or gain direct financial benefit from the sale of these products.  In some instances the products are sold by my sponsors or have been given to me to use – If I have concerns, critiques, or general issues with any aspect of the product, then it is highlighted in detail.  I will not compromise an evaluation).

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