Hammer - Endurolytes and Fizz

General Product Description:
Hammer produce a number of electrolyte products, and these include Fizz, Endurolyte tablets, and Endurolyte powder. 

Fizz comes in the form of tablets, and these dissolve when added to water.  Fizz tablets have a variety of distinctive flavours.

Endurolyte tablets are stored in a pouch (also sold by Hammer), and are consumed at the rate of one to six tablets per hour when required.

Endurolyte powder is added to a bottle, with one (small) scoop the equivalent of tablet, and the drink is then consumed as required.  There are not differing flavours.

My Use:
I have used all three products, and have found they all have unique strengths and weaknesses.  For the record though, I have had success with all three products.  The hottest conditions I have ever cycled in occurred during the 2008 Taupo Maxi Enduro – I used Endurolyte tablets and never cramped once.

Fizz tastes amazing, and the flavours are awesome.  There is little in the way of sweetness, so this does not grow tiresome later in the longer training sessions or events. 

Endurolyte tablets can be conveniently placed into a pouch for use as required, and this approach means that if you experience slight cramping you are not having to gulp down water containing Fizz or Endurolyte powder.

Endurolyte powder is more suitable for running, where you might add some to a small fuel belt bottle.  (This is advantageous to Fizz, due to Endurolyte powder not creating fizzing in the bottle, and thus the bottle not expanding).

Areas to Note:
Fizz, by definition, creates fizzing in the bottle when the tablet is added.  This an issue for smaller bottles, or when multiple tablets are added to a larger bottle, as the top can pop open, with the contents spraying out.

The Endurolyte tablets can be a nuisance to consume on a run, and liquid would be the better option.  Also, the pouch must be very secure on runs, as the running motion can lead to the pouch coming loose at times.

Endurolyte powder is not a pleasant taste, and the taste can get old very quickly.  This is not conducive to cycling, or events lasting longer than three hours.

Worth Using??
I have never experienced any ongoing cramping while using any of these three products, so it is down to personal preference on the form you wish to use.  I prefer to use Fizz, and have the Endurolyte tablets available in the instance of needing more electrolytes.  If needed I would use all products, and would have peace of mind that I had managed another aspect of the race successfully.

(All product reviews are independent reviews of products.  I do not own or gain direct financial benefit from the sale of these products.  In some instances the products are sold by my sponsors or have been given to me to use – If I have concerns, critiques, or general issues with any aspect of the product, then it is highlighted in detail.  I will not compromise an evaluation).

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