Skins Socks

General Product Description:
Skins socks are compression leggings that go as high as the knees and are worn (at their base) around the feet.  They are, in every sense, ‘socks’ – with the added bonus of also being compression clothing.

The socks are manufactured to fit the contour of each leg, with each sock displaying an ‘L’ or ‘R’ to signify which foot it is made for.

My Use:
I have to say, I was a little doubtful of the socks.  Having gone to a strict primary school I have memories of my socks being too tight, (and leaving painful marks), or too loose, (which resulted in detention if caught). 

Having used the Skins A400 calf compression leggings, (which I found to ace), I figured that the same company that made the calf compression leggings had to be using the same degree of planning and research on this new product.  The opportunity came up to wear a pair, and I haven’t looked back.  I own two pairs and have worn the socks for (chilly) 30km commutes to work by bike, extended rides, extended hill runs, workouts in the back yard, and as of recently I have worn the socks for CrossFit.

Zero issues.  Zero slipping.  The socks never had any problems whatsoever, and removing them was all good also, with no soreness that you’d get from clothing that was too tight.  Faultless.

Where do I start??  The socks are easy to fit, (and remove), with washing no problem.  They fit perfectly, and provide a feeling of snugness that I have never experienced with any other compression clothing.

At the stage I got the Skins socks I had a tight left calf, with a stiff left Achilles also playing a part in me being about 60% happy with my running.  Not cool.  I started wearing the Skins socks (and obviously took it easy on the runs), with the soreness less the following day.  I am now aok, and suspect it was just a niggle.  In my opinion the socks assisted me to get through the strain with sensible training, and I avoided the scenario of needing to bypass my running.

Areas to Note:
I have no idea what the socks would be like on an extended run in the summer.  (I haven’t been in this scenario as yet).  If the wearer dislikes heat, then they may want to ask around.  That said, I haven’t found the socks any hotter than the A400 calf compression leggings.

A word of advice – make sure you get the right size.  I have found mine to be ace, and this is in part due to not guessing at the sizing.  Skins clothing is very specific, and to get the full benefit you will want the right size.  (A two minute chat with trained sales staff will avoid any issues).

I air dry, (ie. clothesline), the socks.  I have no idea if a tumble dryer would have a negative effect on the socks.  However, I have found the socks to dry really well so why waste the extra money on using a drier to get them ready for the next workout??

Worth Using??
‘Yes’ – To avoid any confusion here, I rate the Skins socks as 10/10.  Feel free to quote me as saying, “they are perfect”.  There was no pressure on me to endorse this product.  I rate Skins gear very highly, and frankly have found the socks faultless.

Well done guys.  You somehow outdid yourselves.

(All product reviews are independent reviews of products.  I do not own or gain direct financial benefit from the sale of these products.  In some instances the products are sold by my sponsors or have been given to me to use – If I have concerns, critiques, or general issues with any aspect of the product, then it is highlighted in detail.  I will not compromise an evaluation).

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