Burpees (7 mins)

"God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world.”  Galatians 6:14
Rich Froning Jr.  (Crossfit World Champion - Tattoo along his right side).

Sometimes.  Once in a while.  When life’s blurry edges are more due to being passed, than being in top gear.  Sometimes.  You really need to dig deep to get out the door.  I like those moments.  Those days.  Because…

By succeeding on the days.
Where getting out the door is – difficult.
Leads to inner growth.
Leads to bigger days.
Lessons always follow.
As does strength.

And so it was.  In the pouring rain, on a cold Sunday afternoon, I decided to do burpees.  7 minutes, and on this day no jumping, (so not RX).  And that’s ok.  I found my oldest pair of trainer and taped up the shoes, (a little tired to say the least), and set off.  Wet through by the time I reached the park around the corner.  And onwards along the Paraparaumu track.  Through every puddle.  And sensing as the moments gathered around me the feeling of the start line.  And it stopped - the rain and the cold and the wet and the noise and the laboured breathing and the pieces of me recovering from workouts of days gone by.  All stopped.  


Two young lovers stealing a kiss under a tree were passed.  In my silent world I briefly wondered if I splashed them as I ran by.  Weka Park now.  The pitched awaited.  My arena this day.  Running to the park I looked towards the empty grounds, and realised that this body is not as important as the soul each of us carries.  What we represent is what is important.  Thus, to die is ok if we are being true to ourselves.  Seeking then, those moments where we are tested will prepare us for the true tests in life we seek out.  Those moments matter.  

I arrived at the park and the expanse welcomed me.  With sideways rain and greased grass all around.  ‘Park Closed’ for all.  Except me.  In the middle I stood.  Top off.  And go.

30 seconds for the first ten, and 55 at 3:30.  Feeling good.  From where ever I was.  Rain screaming at my face, and nothing in this world mattering right now except doing the current rep properly.  “Keep breathing”, I told myself.  And that was it.  Nothing more.  And life should'nt be any more complicated than that - moving forwards, with a smile, and taking on whatever is thrown at us.

Time running out.  100.  101.  102.  And finally 103.  Stopping now.  I looked skywards.  That was all I had today – and I gave it all.  To God.

Tomorrow is a new day.  And another opportunity.  To live.  There is enough energy, love, and hope for everyone.  So make sure you take all you can.  There is still more for others.  Not a great day – no – but one of many good days.  Leading to something great.  One day.

Be all you can be.
Keep focused on your true goal.
And do not let go.

It’s an illusion.  The ‘winning’, the ‘losing’, and the very most of all the ‘limits’.  That is what we truly wait for.  Those precious moments where we stand back and see ourselves in a new light.  Different.  Better.  Unexpectedly at a level where we thought we’d never have a view of the world.  Our new view.  Our new normal.  Our new self.  And all the while realising that this is who we were all along – we simply had to believe long enough to see it happen with our on eyes.  Do something awesome. Today.

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