Feedback from Clients

Life is too short to miss opportunities.  Setting goals and achieving success takes careful planning, determination, sacrifice, and learning from mistakes.

The feedback below is from clients who have decided that it was time to make their training both challenging and fun.

I'll add more updates as time progresses...

"At 59 I did my first triathlon - 12km biking. A huge achievement for me. Next goal: the Graperide - cycling 101km. I asked Stu for help- he set up a training programme to fit around fulltime work. It was achievable. I logged, on his spreadsheet, my ride distances, how I felt etc plus nutrition and emailed weekly. His feedback was constructive, positive and reinforcing. I finished and was thrilled with my effort. I would recommend Stu to anyone wanting to achieve what they think is impossible!"

"Stu’s been helping with my cycling since mid 2013.  Not only has he helped me to become a stronger, better and more consistent cyclist in the physical sense, he’s also helped with my mental preparation.  Stu responds quickly with any questions I have, and the feedback on my progress has been great.  I’ve really enjoyed working with him and look forward to future cycling challenges, and maybe even some running coming up."

"I wasn't sure how I was going to achieve my fitness goals until I met Stu. Every week he motivates me with new challenges and I have already seen amazing results with my customized program. His thoughtful and supportive approach is helping me discover my full potential. Thank you Stu!"

Being a short & larger girl = big deal for me to get on a bike & do 40km let alone 160km Stu believed in my ability from day 1 more than i did in myself.Helped me realise that i can do, I am going to do it regardless of what anyone else thought! Amazing support, respect dedication motivation & inspiration from him, training plan that fit my lifestyle advice gear to wear fuel longer rides recovery everything! very giving of his time. proud moment i will never forget THANKS Stu!!!"

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